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Top 4 Best Social Media Management Tools for 2022 (Alternative to SproutSocial, Hootsuite & Buffer)

In the past year, social media management and social media marketing tools have become more powerful and easier to use. Social media is the foundation of modern marketing. 

Whether you’re a small business or an individual, these 4 tools can help you keep track of your social media accounts, schedule posts, measure results, manage your messages and conversations and analyze feedback.

What used to be a fancy marketing tool is now a staple of every business. Social media is no longer just a tool; it is integrated into every part of the marketing process.

Businesses that are going to thrive in the future are the ones that are the best at utilizing social media. This is because social media as a tool is changing. The social media management tools are changing, and they are changing quickly.

This blog will take a look at the top 4 social media management tools you should be using in 2022.

While each tool has its own pros and cons, many of them also let you post to multiple accounts at once. This means you can make your Facebook posts look like they come straight from Twitter, or vice versa.

Best Overall
ccontentstudio logo social media management tool


Stay organized and get more done in less time with our simple yet powerful all-in-one social media tool for agencies, brands, and marketers.

Best for Beginners
publer logo social media management tool


Create, curate and automate all upcoming social media posts using relevant formatting tools,
getting hashtag suggestions.

Best for Professionals
radaar logo social media management tool


A social management platform for brands, agencies, and startups that want to engage followers, publish unique content, and measure performance.

Best for Agencies


SocialBee helps you manage your social media accounts—create, schedule, publish, and analyze your posts. Save time and grow your online presence with an affordable tool.

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What Are the Best Social Media Management Tools?

Here are my top picks for the best social media management tools to use this year.

1. ContentStudio

Best Overall Social Media Management Tool

contentstudio main

In the world of content marketing, ContentStudio is an all-in-one social media management platform that is quickly gaining popularity. It allows users to find and share content, as well as collaborate with others on projects.

The platform also offers a wide variety of features, such as unified inbox, social media analysis, and more. This makes it an ideal social media management choice for businesses and individuals of all sizes.


Key Features of ContentStudio

  • Schedule and publish content across a multitude of social media channels integrated platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google My Business, Pinterest, Medium, WordPress, Webflow, Shopify, Pocket, Youtube and Tiktok) through a single dashboard. Search and discover all the highly relevant marketing content like a pro across various platforms (Youtube, Dailymotion, Pixabay, Flickr, Imgur, Giphy, Pocket) integrated with ContentStudio in a single window.
  • Easy to use composer with clean UI.
  • Plan, manage and organize your social content in a shared content calendar.
  • Multi-channel social analytics to monitor and fine tune your brand’s social media strategy.
  • A unified social inbox to manage and engage with incoming messages and comments across all your social profiles.
  • Integration with URL shorteners like Replug, Bit.ly, Firebase, CSTU and Feedly.
  • Integrates with image editors like Canva and Vista Create.Mobile app for Android and iOS to manage your social media channels on-the-go.

  • Mobile app for Android and iOS to manage your social media channels on-the-go.

ContentStudio Pricing

  • Starter ($20/month): 1 Workspace, 5 Social Media Profiles, 1 User, 10 GB Storage, Social Media Content Scheduling, Publishing and Calendar, Social Media Analytics and Reporting, Content Discovery and 5 Saved Topics.
  • Pro ($40/month): All Starter Features Plus 10 Social Accounts, Publishing to 3 Blog Sites, 2 Users, Social Media Inbox for replying to messages and comments, Competitor Analytics, Collaboration with team members, Integrated content approval workflow, AI Bot for content generation, Automation campaigns for evergreen publishing, RSS feeds, bulk upload.
  • Agency ($80/month): All Pro Features Plus 5 Workspaces, 25 Social Accounts, Publishing to 10 Blog Sites, 5 Users, 20 GB Storage, More Workspaces to manage multiple clients accounts, Invite Clients and team members for hassle-free content approval, Dashboard for clients to view and manage content, Concierge onboarding, Priority Support.

ContentStudio Rating

Quality: 4/5
Features: 5/5
User Interface: 4/5
Pricing: 4/5
Ease of Use: 4/5
Total Score of: 21/25

Get Started with ContentStudio 14-Day Free Trial

2. Publer

Best for Beginners

Publer Main social media management tool

Publer is a social media management and scheduling tool that lets you publish your social media post content to multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Google My Business Profiles, Youtube, LinkedIn, WordPress and Telegram.

It also offers a Chrome extension that lets you curate and share your content from any website with one click. It’s a great social media management software, trusted by over 120,000+ social media managers, marketing agencies and global brands.

publer features

Key Features of Publer

  • Ability to create, curate and automate all upcoming social media posts using relevant formatting tools.
  • Get hashtag suggestions by customizing based on your preference.
  • Visualize all your posts in an interactive manner via calendar view.
  • Reach more people with suggested best times to post or customize pre-defined time slots.
  • Filter posts by labels, social accounts or team members.
  • Preview posts and make real-time changes.
  • Clean, simple user interface.
  • Cross-promote your important websites like blogs, shops, and affiliates in one powerful link-in Bio.
  • Effortlessly collaborate with your team by assigning accounts and hierarchies to each person.
  • Ability to track your social media performance with insights and analytics.
  • Organize all your photos, videos and GIFs with color-coded labels.
  • Bulk scheduling and recycling posts.
  • Twitter threads to grab attention.
  • Live chat customer support
  • Chrome Extension to simplify your content planning by sharing text, photos, and links instantly across all your social media channels.
  • 14-day Free Trial
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS

Publer Pricing

publer pricing
  • Free ($0/month): 3 Social Media Profiles, 10 pending scheduled posts, 25 saved drafts, 24 hours posts history, customize and preview posts, built-in photo editor, design with Canva, Link-in Bio (free), Google Drive, Dropbox & Unsplash integration, Browser extension, Calendar View, Auto Schedule, Shortcodes, Link shortening.
  • Professional (from $15/month): All Free Features Plus Unlimited social media scheduling and drafts, Bulk scheduling (500 posts at once), Media Library (unlimited storage), Link-in Bio (premium), Automatic RSS posting, Watermark photos feature, Signatures, Schedule follow-up comments, Create additional teams, Eternal Post history (auto-sync).
  • Business (from $28/month): All Professional Features Plus Insights & Best time to post, Analytics reports, Hashtag suggestions, Automatically recycle posts, Schedule recurring posts, Spintax support, Design Videos (with VistaCreate Pro), Content Recommendation, Schedule Ads (coming soon).

Publer Rating

Quality: 4/5
Features: 5/5
User Interface: 4/5
Pricing: 5/5
Ease of Use: 4/5
Total Score of: 22/25

Get Started with Publer 14-Day Free Trial

3. Radaar

Best for Professionals

radaar main social media management tool

Radaar is a unified social media management tool that makes it easy to manage your social media accounts from one central location. Radaar offers a variety of features that can help businesses manage their social media accounts more effectively.

Some of the features include scheduling posts, analyzing social media analytics, social listening and managing team members.


Key Features of Radaar

  • Powerful Social Inbox to engage and build a close relationship with your audience .
  • Save time and get results by optimizing and publishing content across multiple channels with Radaars Scheduler.
  • Wide range of supported platforms which includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Vimeo, Google My Business, WordPress, Medium, Tumblr, Telegram, Twilio, Whatsapp Business, Netgsm, Webhook.
  • Integrated workflow with Canva, Vista Create, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay, Gfycat, Tenor, Zapier, Slack and Discord.
  • Social Monitoring: Track brand-relevant keywords, competitors and key industry terms to stay ahead and act when opportunities arise.
  • Create meaningful reports with in-depth analytics.
  • Store your passwords in a single place and share them across team members with Password Manager.
  • Ability to use the most popular hashtags for your content to boost your reach with in-built Hashtag Manager.
  • URL Shortener: Create, share and track your links to get more clicks.
  • Simple Landing Page builder without coding.
  • Visualize your tasks and easily collaborate with your teams to reach your goals with Task Manager.
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS.

Radaar Pricing

  • Basic ($7.99/month): 3 Social Profiles, 90 Posts, 1 User. Best Time To Post, Stock Library, Image Editor, Canva, Vista Create, Spintax, Team Assignments, URL Shortener.
  • Premium (from $15.99/month): All Basic Features Plus 6 Social Profiles, Unlimited Posts, Social Inbox, Analytics, 5 Users, Chain Comments, Cloud Storage, Password Manager.
  • Professional (from $47.99/month): All Premium Features Plus 12 Social Profiles, Unlimited Posts, Social Inbox, 3 Monitoring Queries, Analytics, 10 Users, Content Copilot, Flooki.ai, Hashtag Manager, RSS Feeds, Bulk Import, Data Export.

Radaar Rating

Quality: 4/5
Features: 5/5
User Interface: 3.5/5
Pricing: 5/5
Ease of Use: 3.5/5
Total Score of: 21/25

Get Started with Radaar 14-Day Free Trial

4. SocialBee

Best for Agencies

If you’re one of those people who are always on social media, you know how time-consuming it can be. Checking all of your different feeds every day can take hours. But what if there was a way to do it all in one place and save time? SocialBee’s platform helps all of your feeds into one easy-to-use interface.

SocialBee is a social media management tool that helps businesses and individuals better curate their online content. Through SocialBee, users can connect all of their social media accounts to one platform and then schedule and publish content across all of those channels with just a few clicks.

In addition to content scheduling, SocialBee also offers users insights and analytics about their social media performance, helping them to better understand what content is resonating with their audience and where they should focus their efforts going forward.

Key Features of SocialBee

  • Get a solid mix of content by adding content in buckets called categories.
  • Bulk editor, pause and re-queue your top-performing content to be recycled.
  • Publish content on your favorite platforms from one place based on a set schedule — all while having a control over what will be published. 
  • Schedule posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google Business Profile, TikTok.
  • Hashtag generator and collections.
  • Import media files, RSS, CSV and multiple links at once.
  • Quuu/Pocket Integration, Canva, Unsplash and GIPHY integrations.
  • Make your links short by using our own URL shortener. Your links will be short and sweet!
  • Shorten your links with our integrations: Rebrandly, Bitly, RocketLink, JotURL, Replug, PixelMe, BL.INK.
  • Set custom UTM and Ref parameters for each content category to track the links you’re sharing.
  • Collaboration features such as Workspaces, Users & Roles, Internal Post Comments and Content Approval.
  • Analytics & Performance Reports.
  • Live chat and Email support, 1-on-1 calls and help documentation.
  • Social media specialist Concierge Service.

SocialBee Pricing

  • Bootstrap ($15.80/month): 5 Social Accounts, 1 User Per Workspace, 1 Workspace
  • Accelerate ($32.50/month): 10 Social Accounts, 1 User Per Workspace, 1 Workspace.
  • Pro ($65.80/month):  25 Social Accounts, 3 User Per Workspace, 5 Workspaces.
  • Pro25 Small ($65.80/month): 25 Social Accounts, 3 User Per Workspace, 5 Workspace
  • Pro50 Medium ($124.10/month): 50 Social Accounts, 5 User Per Workspace, 10 Workspace.
  • Pro100 Large ($232.50/month):  100 Social Accounts, 5 User Per Workspace, 20 Workspaces.
  • Pro150 Extra Large ($315.80/month): 150 Social Accounts, 5 User Per Workspace, 30 Workspaces.

SocialBee Rating

Quality: 4/5
Features: 5/5
User Interface: 4/5
Pricing: 3.5/5
Ease of Use: 3.5/5
Total Score of: 20/25

Try SocialBee for 14-Days Free Trial!

Summary and Top Picks

In conclusion, ContentStudio, Publer, Radaar and SocialBee are our top 4 best social media management tools for 2022. They each have their own unique features that make them stand out from the competition, and they are all continually updating their platforms to provide users with the best possible experience. They offer a variety of features that make managing social media easier and more efficient.

Each tool has its own unique benefits, so it is important to choose the one that best suits your needs. If you are looking for a social media management tool that will help you grow your business in the coming years, then these three should definitely be at the top of your list. Thanks for reading!

Disclosure: I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links above at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy. This site is not intending to provide financial advice. This is for education purposes only.
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